Nurse License Fees Increase December 1, 2022

Nurse License Fees Increase December 1, 2022

Starting December 1, 2022, nurse license application and renewal fees will increase.

  • LPN fees will increase $5
  • RN fees will increase $15
  • ARNP fees will increase $5
  • Nurse tech fees won’t change

If your birthday is on or after December 1, 2022, you will pay the new renewal fee.

Fees pay for licensing and regulating nursing in Washington state (RCW 43.70.250). The fees are increasing to cover the cost of:

  • new licensing system.
  • staffing to process applications within the 7-day timeline required by the legislature.
  • staffing to address the long-term care crisis.

More information:

For questions, please contact:

Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission
Washington State Department of Health



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November 22, 2022