DOH COVID-19 Unit Checklist

DOH COVID-19 Unit Checklist

The Department of Health has posted a checklist for facilities to help ensure you are prepared to manage COVID-19 positive residents while maintaining safety for everyone that may enter your facility.

Among items included are:

  • Identifying key contacts such as LHJ contacts, DSHS contacts, and DOH contacts.
  • Ensuring you have proper education and training for staff, developing and keeping updated a written COVID-19 plan that includes policies for infections control, communications, and transfers among other items.
  • Facilities policies and procedures for identification of ill residents and adequate testing.
  • Transmission-based precautions and ensuring adequate PPE
  • Plans for cohorting.

Please review the checklist and fill in any gaps in your facility procedures.  Also, this is a good framework for any future considerations and should be kept on hand.  




David Carter | Director, Health Care Finance & Policy

C 360.888.5702


March 24, 2021