Emergency Preparedness for Nursing Homes

Emergency Preparedness for Nursing Homes

As a reminder, QSO MEMO 20-41-ALL, revised on June 21, 2021, is the guidance related to Emergency Preparedness exercise exemption based on a facility’s activation of their emergency plan.  LeadingAge reviewed the top 5 citations for EP tags cited by CMS during a health or separate EP survey. 

#1           F 24  Policy and Procedures for volunteers and staff during an emergency

#2           F 37  EP Training Program

#3           F 39  EP Testing

#4           F 41  LTC Emergency Power  – emergency generator

#5           F 30  Names and Contact Information

Please review the EP regulations and guidance to be compliant in all areas. 

Are you using our “member only” LeadingAge Washington Emergency Preparedness APP? “ePrep”  Guide Sheet

Link:  http://www.lawaeprep.org/-/

Password: lawaeprep17  all lower case

Updates to your leadership? New community documents? 

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