Changes to Background Check Disqualifiers

Changes to Background Check Disqualifiers

Substitute House Bill 1411 was passed during the 2021 legislative session. The purpose of the bill is to increase the Long-Term Care (LTC) workforce by decreasing employment barriers related to an applicant’s criminal history. The bill added time limitations to six crimes in WAC 388-113-0020 that were previously permanently disqualifying, and removed LTC workers and other service providers from the exempted individuals under RCW 9.97.020 related to Certificate of Restoration of Opportunity (CROP).

The previously disqualifying crimes that now have time limitations are:

  • Selling marijuana (3-years)
  • Theft 1 (10-years)
  • Robbery 2 (5-years)
  • Extortion 2 (5-years)
  • Assault 2 (5 years)
  • Assault 3 (5-years)

Applicants who would have received a disqualifying result notification from the Background

Check Central Unit (BCCU), will now receive a Review Required letter when:

  • The required amount of time has passed;
  • There is no other disqualifying conviction, pending charge, or negative action; and
  • The applicant has obtained a Certificate of Restoration of Opportunity from the courts.

You can read the full Dear Provider letter here. 




Alyssa Odegaard – Vice President, Public Policy 
c: 206-948-2279

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