SUBMIT Your Nominee Today! Leadership Institute’s 2021-2022 Program * Postmark by August 16 * Nominate Your “Rising Star” Today! * Limit 16 * Pass it on!

SUBMIT Your Nominee Today! Leadership Institute’s 2021-2022 Program * Postmark by August 16 * Nominate Your “Rising Star” Today! * Limit 16 * Pass it on!

We are back and “In-Person”!  Do you have a “Rising Star” in your midst?

Strong, transformational leadership is more important than ever, especially within the constantly evolving field of aging services. The need to develop the next generation of leaders who will help us shape the future of our field is critical. Have you considered….

LeadingAge Washington’s

Cultivating Emerging Leaders in Aging Services

Nominations are now being accepted!  Application  Please postmark by August 16th   Limit 16

Beginning our 12th year with over “200 Alumni”……LeadingAge Washington’s Leadership Institute provides meaningful leadership and growth opportunities which emphasize the vital importance of innovation, relationship building, emotional intelligence and transformational leadership skills. Our Vision…. “To develop leaders who will serve their organizations, state association and the field of aging services in an exemplary, dynamic and innovative fashion.  This new class of leaders will be the pioneers bringing innovative solutions to meeting the needs and preferences of the next generation of older Americans.”

Do you have a rising star in your midst? Additional information  INVEST in your staff or share our program with a colleague! Scholarships are available!     

  • Classes begin September 22nd in Des Moines! (schedule included in the packet)
  • Limit 16                                                                                                             


…..“Expect the unexpected.”

  • “Thank you for giving me chance to develop as an authentic leader.”
  • “You don’t realize the growth and opportunity that is going to come out of this experience ~ and when it is over, you are so grateful to have been a part of it!”
  • “I have benefited from this experience and it has taught me to open up and be more involved with my community and staff. It has been eye opening! Thank you!”
  • “Awesome growth opportunity, especially when you don’t feel like a born leader!”
  • “The Leadership program was a life changing experience in many ways!”
  • “One of the most transforming experiences of my life. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity!”
  • “This is a much needed program for leaders in this industry and the experiences are uplifting.”
  • “I leave the classes invigorated and refreshed.  I feel like I am returning to my community a better leader.’
  • “I feel blessed to be here and blessed to have met everyone and hear all their stories, means the world to me that there are a lot of people going through similar struggles and successes in life!”
  • “This experience has challenged my assumptions about leadership and helped me to learn from different experiences and perspectives.  I can feel myself growing through this process.”
  • “One of the most emotional, educational and friendship building experiences of my life.  I will remember this class and peers until I am old, gray haired and in a nursing home myself!” 
  • “If you think you or someone else has potential to be a leader, then you owe it to yourself to participate in this program.”
  • “Participating in the Leadership Institute has been fantastic, not just for the skills you build and the information you learn, but for the people you meet and connections you build.”

  • “While the program originally felt based on building new leaders, it has evolved in the later sessions to really develop existing leaders.  As a NHA there is plenty of new material to learn and grow from in order to stimulate leadership development.”
  • “The Leadership Institute experience has been wonderful.  It has opened my mind and helped me understand my purpose and what a leader does and is.”
  • “Very insightful and helpful in creating your own vision.”
  • “I’m happy to be involved in such a great program with wonderful people from diverse backgrounds.”
  • “This experience has and will continue to help round me out throughout my career.  The sky is the limit and that’s where I intend to go with what I have learned.”
  • “I am developing as a leader, more with each training. The support we get is phenomenal.”
  • “Time well spent for any current or future leader wanting to expand their horizons.”
  • “Building new relationships and sharing our experiences together have been so rewarding.”
  • “We have to realize to lead others we must have skills to accept being human at the same time “to succeed you must fail”.”
  • “My time at the Leadership Institute has given me a great deal of confidence and new enthusiasm in what I am passionate about.”
  • “Wow! What an experience!  I’m excited to be present and enlightened on my Leadership Journey!”
  • “So far I am gaining a perspective about myself as a professional & leader that I had not had before and I desperately needed!”
  • “Getting to know your gray areas does not necessarily mean a weakness but an opportunity to work on to better oneself.”
  • “Totally career changing.  I believe so highly in the values of this program.”

                                                                                                                                Leadership Institute Graduates

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Have a great summer! Pat, Tracy & Karmen our Leadership Institute Co-Facilitators, Coaches & our LeadingAge Washington Staff!


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August 5, 2021