DOH – Are You Ready for the Next Outbreak?

DOH – Are You Ready for the Next Outbreak?

The WA State DOH HAI/AR Occupational Health Team provides support for LTC facilities on the L&I standard for respiratory protection. Support includes training and answering questions/concerns on respiratory protection, assisting with the cost of the medical evaluation and fit testing, and providing training on how to conduct a valid fit test. Employers have an obligation to protect their employees from hazards in the workplace (General Duty WAC 296-126-094). Annual Fit Testing is part of your required Respiratory Protection Program.

The DOH Occupational Health team can help keep you be compliant with the L&I rules and regulation on respiratory protection, and prepare your facility for the next potential outbreak. With high staff turnover rates, don’t wait for the next outbreak, visit our website at now to learn how to stay compliant with the respiratory protection rules and regulations or email your questions to We are here to help you!




Laura Hofmann, MSN, RN – Director of Clinical and Nursing Facility Regulatory Services
c: 425-231-4804

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September 14, 2022