It’s Essential ——– 2022 Flu Media Kit

It’s Essential ——– 2022 Flu Media Kit

After the strange flu season we had last year, no one is sure what this Flu season will bring.  With COVID-19 and masking, many who normally receive flu vaccines didn’t last year, and that is a public health concern which may affect others, beyond one’s own health.  With general healthcare resources already stretched thin, it’s more important than ever to encourage individuals to get vaccinated this year.  This includes remaining up to date with COVID-19 vaccines and also getting a flu shot.  Pharmacies remain an available resource, and consumers reports this as their primary vaccine access due to ease over a physician visit.

We can start planning now for flu vaccinations this Fall.  The DOH design team has put together a complete and customizable media package for providers to use which will save time.  Please find the link below which includes a complete tool kit to help share the message with residents, staff and community members to GET VACCINATED.  The Flu media tool kit includes a poster, postcard, electronic & social media resources for use with different populations and electronic platforms, including blog posts and drop in newsletter articles, and there are even several short videos to load on to the entity’s website or share in newsletters that go out to help spread the word.  Consider using the newsletter content if you send out written updates or to post an article on your website.

Consider customizing posters and putting them up for your staff & teams now.  Consider sharing one of these Flu Immunization videos on your website’s front page. Maybe have your social media coordinator make a post recommending flu vaccines! These are great resources to help families, friends and community members get informed about the need to vaccinate.

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Laura Hofmann, MSN, RN – Director of Clinical and Nursing Facility Regulatory Services
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August 30, 2022