Washington State MDS 6-week Webinar Series * Registration begins April 19th

Washington State MDS 6-week Webinar Series * Registration begins April 19th

Residential Care Services will be conducting a webinar on the RAI and MDS.  

This webinar series is free and includes updates to the RAI Manual effective last October 1, 2020

The next MDS Virtual/Zoom training series will begin three weeks from now …

This training is a 6-week webinar that will be provided every Wednesday from 10:30 am to 12:00.  This is a repeat of the webinar series from last Fall.  If you attended the Fall series, you do not need to attend this upcoming MDS training series as there is little difference in the content.

Registration will open on Monday, April 19th.  Remember, each slot can have more than one person listening in the same room, but only the person who is registered will receive a certificate of completion. 

These webinars focus on the changes to the RAI manual and MDS assessment that were effective October 1, 2020, OBRA stand-alone assessments, PDPM and SNF QRP.

Topics covered will be the MDS assessment from start to finish including what the MDS is, what the data is used for, how to assure accuracy, who must have an assessment completed, the resources needed, what forms are used and when, entry and discharge tracking and assessment, interviewing, a section-by-section review of item coding, significant change assessments, the CAA process, and error correction.

If you have any questions, please contact the MDS Help Desk at MDSHelpdesk@dshs.wa.gov


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April 26, 2021