Washington Joins Other Western States in Coordination on Telehealth

Washington Joins Other Western States in Coordination on Telehealth

Building on a previous announcement regarding COVID re-opening, Gov. Jay Inslee joined Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Wednesday to announce that their states will be working together on telehealth issues. 

The joint statement from the states reads, in part:

“The coronavirus pandemic has heightened the demand for telehealth services nationally, and in our states. With patients reluctant to seek in person care due to exposure risk and transportation access issues, telehealth has offered a way for patients to connect with health providers while mitigating exposure risk.

“It has also highlighted some of the inequities of our healthcare systems. During the COVID-19 crisis, each state has sought flexibilities from the federal government to expand health services available through telehealth, modify payment policy for services provided using this modality, and expand the allowable technologies used to provide telehealth services.

“The federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has recently announced its intention to make permanent some of the telehealth flexibilities afforded during this pandemic. Telehealth is here to stay.”

Read the full statement here.




Laura Hofmann, MSN, RN – Director of Clinical and Nursing Facility Regulatory Services
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August 7, 2020