CARES Provider Relief Fund – Update

CARES Provider Relief Fund – Update

LeadingAge has updated their Cares Act Provider Relief Fund Background, Considerations & Frequently Asked Questions with the latest information that has been released by HHS.

We have received new information on the funding that you may have received as part of the CARES Provider Relief Fund. 

Beginning April 10th HHS began to send out the first round of funding.  They calculated the amount your facility would receive based on your Medicare FFS claims from 2019 using this formula – divide 2019 Medicare FFS (not including Medicare Advantage) payments they received by $484,000,000,000, and multiply that ratio by $30,000,000,000. 

The second round of funding started going out April 24th and was based on your 2018 net patient revenue as reported on your 2018 cost report.  HHS used the following calculation to determine how much you should be receiving – (([facility’ s 2018 net patient revenue ÷ $2.5 trillion] × $50 billion) – amount given in 1st payment) = new distribution amount. 

If you did not receive funds in either round of funding HHS has created this website –  This is a guide on what the funds are and how to apply if you feel you didn’t receive funding you should have.

Please note that now that HHS has disbursed the second round of funds, you must attest for each round of funding you accept.  The terms & conditions for each round of funding are slightly different.  For the second round of funding, here are the main differences –

  • Providers cannot be currently precluded from receiving Medicare advantage or Part D payments;
  • Providers must submit general revenue data for calendar year 2018 to the Secretary when applying to receive the funds or within 30 days of having received a payment;
  • Providers must consent to HHS publicly disclosing the payment amount the provider may receive from the Relief Fund knowing that other parties may be able to derive the provider’s gross receipts or sales, revenue or other information from this disclosure; and
  • Providers must certify that all information the provided by the recipient of the funds is true, accurate and complete to the best of their knowledge.


Please reach out if you have any questions.

David Carter | Director, Health Care Finance & Policy

C 360.888.5702