ALTSA Dear Provider Letter NH #2020-021

ALTSA Dear Provider Letter NH #2020-021

Emergency rules amending or suspending some nursing home requirements.  NH #2020-021

The following rules are amended, suspended, or temporarily repealed:

  • Transfer and discharge rules: Amendment of WAC 388-97-0120 suspends the requirement to provide a bed-hold notice to a resident who leaves the facility.
  • Resident assessment: Amendment of WAC 388-97-1000 removes the timeline requirements from the required resident assessment.
  • Care planning: Amendment of WAC 388-97-1020 removes the requirement to develop a care plan within seven days of completion of the resident assessment.
  • PASRR: WACs 388-97-1915 and 388-97-1975 were amended to permit the level I screening, and if needed, the level II evaluation to occur up to 30 days after admission.
  • Resident groups: WAC 388-97-0920 ensures residents can participate in resident and family groups. The WAC was temporarily repealed.




Laura Hofmann, MSN, RN
Director of Clinical and Nursing Facility Regulatory Services
c: 360-691-9281