COVID By the Numbers

COVID By the Numbers

We have been receiving a count of long-term care facilities in the state that have either a confirmed or a suspected case of COVID-19 from DSHS. 

In the last week the number of long-term care facilities in the state that had either a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 nearly doubled from 193 on 4/1 to 335 on 4/8.  Nearly every county has at least 1 facility on the confirmed/suspected list. 

The number of facilities that have a confirmed case (according to this list) nearly doubled from 97 to 169 in the last week.

  • 6% of Adult Family Homes have a confirmed/suspected case. 
  • Nearly 23% of Assisted Living facilities have a confirmed/suspected case. 
  • 66% of Nursing Homes have a confirmed/suspected case. 

Confirmed includes facilities that have reported a positive test that is either a resident or an employee.

Suspected includes facilities that have residents that have a COVID test pending and/or have residents that are symptomatic for the virus.

This count is approximate and is dependent on required reporting by facilities.  In addition, facilities have not been able to test all residents and employees, so we expect not all cases of confirmed COVID-19 have been identified.

335 is not the number of residents or staff that have tested positive.  Some facilities have multiple residents and/or multiple staff that have tested positive.

  • You will find the linked spreadsheet has a summary of this list. 
  • The first tab is confirmed/suspected from as of 4/8/2020.
  • The second tab is confirmed only as of 4/8/2020.
  • The last tab shows the counts from 3/20/2020 to 4/8/2020.


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