CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Available to Skilled Nursing 

CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Available to Skilled Nursing 

HHS announced this morning that they have disbursed the first tranche of funds from the $100B provider fund.  These payments were originally restricted to hospitals but through the advocacy of LeadingAge and others, skilled nursing facilities are also seeing deposits in their accounts from United Healthcare.  The amounts are based on Medicare FFS billing in 2019.  Here’s the link to the HHS information.

You shouldn’t need to do anything in order to receive these funds, they should be automatically deposited.  The amount you should receive is based on your share of total Medicare FFS reimbursements in 2019.  The total FFS payments in 2019 were approximately $484 billion.  To estimate what your payment should be, divide your 2019 Medicare FFS payments by $484,000,000,000 and then multiply that by $30,000,000,000.

Example: A facility billed Medicare FFS $10 million in 2019. To determine how much they would receive, use this equation:

$10,000,000/$484,000,000,000 x $30,000,000,000 = $620,000



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