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MEPAP1 * Online Activity Courses

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Online Training


Anita Dunlap

Online MEPAP1,  the Activity training class, requirement toward certification with NCCAP (National Certification Council for Activity Professionals) begins  January 22nd. 

As many of you know Anita offered the class in classroom for many years, first through RCW and then Laughter Enrichment. As so many other training opportunities are online, this is an online class, but face to face with the instructor. Anita is an NCCAP approved MEPAP instructor and classes are offered now through 5SensActivities.

In the federal guidelines, the FTag 680 reads “the activity program must be directed by a qualified professional”, eligible for certification….. NCCAP is a recognized accrediting body as outlined in F680 and has been recognized by CMS since 1986, providing certification to ensure competencies for person centered care. (quoted from nccap.org) 

MEPAP 1 is a requirement for all certification levels, a great opportunity to support your staff on their way to certification and getting your activity department in compliance with F680 and assuring they have the knowledge to provide person centered care and meet F679 the activities Tag. 

Your staff, or you can register online at 5sensactivities.com under the MEPAP tag. 

Classes are scheduled for Wednesdays 4:30-7:30 (pacific time) class can be taken anywhere in the US, certification with

NCCAP is nationwide

Feel free to reach out to Anita directly, if you have questions regarding the class or certification. She is the Washington state contact for NCCAP.

Please share this information with anyone that might need certification.

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