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Trauma Informed Care: Caring for the Whole Person * Trainer Kristina Walker

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During these past Olympics, the power of Triggers was felt as the World watched Simone Biles bravely put her mental health above all else. Millions supported her, while others failed to see and understand how Triggers could stop the World’s Best Gymnast.

Events throughout our lives, both positive and negative, play a significant role in how we engage with the world around us. Trauma-Informed Care acknowledges the need to understand a person’s life experiences in order to deliver effective care. It has the potential to improve engagement, treatment adherence, health outcomes, as well as provider and staff wellness. This critical realization lead to the development of F-Tag 699: Trauma-informed Care.

During this training we will explore how understanding a person’s trauma history aide in creating person-centered care plans and reduce re-traumatization. You will be able to recognize signs of trauma and Adverse Childhood Events, apply the 6 Principles of a Trauma-Informed Environment and even how to avoid Secondary Trauma.  CNA’s will be required to test to receive certification.




Trainer: Kristina Walker, Owner/President

For over 20 years, Kristina Walker has been engaged in Long-term Care; from Memory Care and Pharmacy, to Home Health and Recreational Therapy. She is a motivated advocate for seniors. For the past 13 years, she has been providing education to various healthcare disciplines in an effort to improve patient safety and quality of life. This past year she decided to re-focus her passions and start her own consulting business. In addition to her experience, Kristina draws on her study of Developmental Phycology, Dementia, Mental Health and Non-Pharmacological Interventions to help employees in LTC setting better meet their resident’s needs by combining heart and knowledge.



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