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NW Hoarding Coalition: A gathering for professionals to network and share resources to help individuals with hoarding disorder

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Ashley Kraft

Northwest Hoarding Coalition 

A gathering for professionals to network and share resources to help individuals with hoarding disorder.

Working with eviction prevention, housing stabilization, mental health treatment and clutter management.

Virtual meeting third Wednesday of every month, 3-5 p.m.

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Agendas will come in separate emails before each meeting.
We are holding the NW Hoarding Coalition meetings via ZOOM. 

Feel Free to Share this link: 

Join via computer or smartphone zoom app:
or Call In Toll Free: 888-788-0099
Meeting ID: 628-969-7356
Participants just press # to join.

 If you have questions, please call Ashley Kraft 206-549-2518 

Please note: The main objective of the task force meeting is to serve as resources and education for professionals who work with hoarding cases, based on the agenda topic of the day. 

While individuals who hoard and family members may attend, it is important to know that the meeting is not a community support group. We kindly request that personal stories be kept to a bare minimum. If individuals who hoard and their family members are in need of more personalized support, see a list of current community support groups at the end of this message. Thank you.

The problem we are addressing: Professional and community concerns related to hoarding behavior and its consequences.
Our Vision:
We envision a stigma-free culture of engagement in Western Washington in which every person who is affected by Hoarding Disorder has ready access to an affordable, quality, and comprehensive team of knowledgeable and compassionate professionals who are well-trained to work with them in a supportive environment 

Our Mission:
We are a multi-disciplinary collective in Western Washington aimed at promoting a compassionate and research-based understanding of Hoarding Disorder. 

We are committed to working with people who hoard; their families, friends and animals; communities; and service professionals, through education, collaboration, and advocacy for change.

We will work to develop and implement long-term, sustainable solutions for hoarding-related problems so that families can remain in their homes in safe and healthy ways.

Questions? Contact:  

Catherine “Cricket” Farr, MA, LMHC,GMHS
Housing Stabilization and Supports Director
Full Life Care                                   
Ashley Kraft
Housing Stability Specialist
SHAG Senior Housing

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