Wellness Nurse RN

Wellness Nurse RN

April 6, 2020

South Pointe Assisted Living located in Everett, Washington is currently recruiting for a full-time Wellness Nurses – (RN).

Every nurse likes to spend free time with family and friends.

Now an assisted living position that actually lets you do that!

What are you waiting for?

Every company’s excellence depends on the people who work for it.

We are a family company currently recruiting for an excellent nurse. This person would help support the Radiant Mission of “Creating and sustaining comfortable, caring environments for those who depend on us.”

Radiant operates in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Montana and Colorado with a focus on assisted living, residential and memory care.

As a company, Radiant Senior Living is innovative, evolving and growing with new programs and methods coming this next year.

What can Radiant Senior Living do for you?

• Provide an opportunity to work with a team of people at all levels that make the company great.
• Provide opportunities for career advancement and promotion.
• Provide listening ears for creative ideas and innovations.

What do you NOT have to worry about?
• Completing service plans
• Scheduling and staffing
• Waiting for a response 4 levels up in a large corporate setting.

Excellent benefits and a competitive wage. Additional benefits include perks for all team members, including but not limited to discounts to thousands of merchants, free mental health counseling, referrals to debt counselors and lawyers, reduced gym memberships, cell phone discounts and travel discounts.

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South Pointe Assisted Living

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10330 SW 4th Avenue West
Everett, WA 98204