PT Resident Service Coordinator

PT Resident Service Coordinator

November 20, 2020

Resident Service Coordinators proactively educate and provide referrals and services to residents that include frail and at-risk residents in Affordable/ HUD subsidized housing. Resident Service Coordinators empower residents to live independently and exercise an individual’s Right to Self Determination. Resident Service Coordinators provide residents with quality federal, state and community-based referral services that meet resident needs to successfully age in place. It is essential that a Resident Service Coordinator demonstrates exemplary customer service and social service skills, as the Resident Service Coordinator is often the liaison between residents, the community and community service providers. Personal and interpersonal professional skills build strong relationships with community service providers to ensure clients receive the most appropriate services to meet resident needs. Resident Service Coordinators will conduct comprehensive non-clinical intake and assessments of residents to assess for wellness and social needs, and connect residents with appropriate providers and services. Resident Service coordinators help residents to identify, access, and coordinate services (such as personal care services), and will provide follow-up monitoring of those services to include follow-up communication with service providers. Resident Service Coordinators must be able to apply critical thinking skills, work independently at remote work locations and demonstrate autonomy.

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