Nursing Home Administrator/CEO

Nursing Home Administrator/CEO

November 2, 2021

A Partnership of Yakima Valley Memorial and Comprehensive Healthcare, Garden Village is a skilled nursing facility, providing the highest level of comfort-driven, quality care to those with complex and long-term medical and psychiatric needs. We are currently looking for a caring, dedicated Nursing Home Administrator to fill an opening in our skilled nursing facility. Nursing Home Administrator will be responsible for the overall operation of the Nursing Home.

Candidates for this position should be looking for a challenging, fun and energetic environment. They should be able to think critically on their feet and prioritize resident safety and care needs.

Oversees the operations of Garden Village, resident care, and ensures compliance with State and Federal regulations
Leads, guides and directs facility readiness related to health inspection surveys, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) surveys, and any other regulatory entity or requirement.
Plans, develops, organizes, implements, evaluates, and directs the facility’s programs and activities in accordance with guidelines issued by the governing body.
Leads and coordinates daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly management team meetings to discuss priorities and develop solutions with facility leaders such as census, collections, clinical health, survey readiness, customer service satisfaction, activity participation, etc.
Develops and executes a census and occupancy management strategy that results in improved census and improved fiscal health for the facility.
Participates in Quality Improvement activities as appropriate and ensures the ongoing review of all processes and functions of Garden Village
Serves as the facility representative and spokesperson to the public as well as in the professional arenas. In so doing, must periodically successfully deliver a confident, concise, message on a variety of topics that is understood by a wide range of persons with diverse backgrounds and levels of education.
Evaluates work performance of department heads and maintains accountability across all departments in concert with Human Resources for expected performance outcomes in each respective department.
Identifies and collaborates with members of the interdisciplinary team, physicians, consultants, and community agencies to identify opportunities for enhanced services to the residents and/or resolve issues.
Develops and maintains positive relationships with residents, employees, and family members through scheduled, deliberate positive interactions with them using face to face, phone, or other means of communication.
Ensures delivery of compassionate quality care and services across an interdisciplinary team approach as evidenced by adequate and competent facility staff, employee turnover, general cleanliness, physical plant condition, and optimal resident functioning-physically and psychosocially.
Budget development and compliance, maintains fiscal oversight by department
Reviews and interprets monthly financial statements and provides relevant information to the governing board.
Makes written and oral reports/recommendations to the governing board concerning the operation of the facility.
Leading the development, implementation and success of the organizations strategic plan. Soliciting advice and guidance from the Board of Directors when needed. Overseeing the complete operations in accordance with the strategic plans.
Knowledgeable, able to learn, or find consultants to assist with: Cost reports, insurance renewals, reimbursements, banking, etc.


The Administrator must possess:

A valid, unrestricted Nursing Home Administrator’s license in Washington state.
Two (2) years prior Nursing Home Administrator or CEO experience preferred.
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Health Administration or Social Work.
Must have at least three (3) years of experience in a supervisory role in a hospital, nursing home, or other related health care facility.
Knowledgeable of skilled nursing home regulations, nursing practices and procedures, as well as laws, regulations and guidelines pertaining to long-term care.
Experience with contractual agreement development and management, including lease, risk and property insurance, legal, life safety, etc.
Knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid compliance requirements.
Experience with non-profit boards preferred including governance, strategic planning, operational alliances, etc.
Knowledge of employment law including yet not limited to unemployment, worker’s compensation, and 401k.

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Garden Village

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Serena Marquez


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