MDS Coordinator

MDS Coordinator

December 6, 2022


DEPARTMENT: Nursing Services

REPORTS TO: Director of Nursing



The MDS (Minimum Data Set) Coordinator is responsible for assuring that each Health Center (HC) resident receives timely, complete health evaluations from an interdisciplinary perspective. S/he also ensures that a comprehensive and current health care plan is initiated for each HC resident. S/he assures that Federal and State laws and regulations are followed relating to the completion of MDS, Care Area Assessments (CAA), and care plans. S/he is responsible for the timely transmission of MDS reports to the Federal Government.

The responsibility of this position is managing specialized work efficiently, with confidence and competence. The position requires above average attention to details, concern for the exact correctness of work, and strong commitment to tasks completed on time. The person in this position will take work seriously, has a strong sense of duty, and is disciplined. A somewhat faster-than-average pace will be the norm for this position. Detailed, specialized work is the major focus. The person in this position will require clearly defined work, responsibilities, and reporting relationships, ongoing and thorough training opportunities to develop expertise and increase confidence, and frequently expressed appreciation of the person’s competence, conscientiousness, and loyalty. The position will provide security in a stable work environment, allowing the person to plan for, focus on and complete tasks on hand. When changes in the nature of the work occur, the person in this position will need direction, training, and support. The position will generally be task oriented, requiring someone with a conservative, careful, and cautious approach to work.


Unambiguous work direction. Completing tasks from start to finish. Concern for getting work done on time and correctly.

Extremely task-oriented. High standards of quality and accuracy.

Adhering to established guidelines and procedures. Requires high degree of information gathering before making decision. Must be comfortable in making decisions in area of specialty or expertise.

Reserved, factual, formal and sincere communication. Look to management for direction in areas outside of expertise.

Strong follow-through on delegated tasks and assignments. Following established policies and procedures and expects other to do the same. Leads by example: is the technical expert in the area and does work required of subordinates.

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