Assisted Living Manager

Assisted Living Manager

December 6, 2022


DEPARTMENT:           Assisted Living Unit/Home Care

REPORTS TO:           Director of Nursing Services

FLSA STATUS:           Exempt


The Assisted Living Director coordinates the quality of care to residents within Assisted Living and Independent rooms with Home Care services and provides an environment where residents can maintain their independence for as long as possible. With general oversight from the Director of Nursing Services (DNS), s/he is responsible on a day-to-day basis for the planning, implementation, evaluation and continual improvement of all ALU and Home Care provided services.  In the ALU/Home Care areas s/he serves as the primary liaison among residents, families, physicians, consultants, ancillary care providers, and staff, and shares with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and DNS the responsibility of communicating with government officials and a variety of business contacts. S/he has a significant role in budget development and compliance for the ALU and Home Care programs. Assists the CEO and Executive Leadership in creating an expanded and strategic vision for BAYVIEW’s Assisted Living program to provide the highest level of care and quality of life for our residents, and develops strategies to implement this vision.


ALU SERVICE MANAGEMENT:  Works as the lead champion of staff: nursing, dietary, activities and housekeeping to assure a high quality of care/life for our residents in ALU. Acts as a role model, educator and communication point for our residents and families to establish understanding of services and changes necessary to provide appropriate services. Communicates with the ALU team to create and assure a high quality customer service environment.

PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Works to create and expand emerging services including memory care and home care services. Takes the lead on championing implementation of necessary steps to complete vision.

NURSING SERVICES:  Plans, implements, evaluates and initiates improvements to the health services provided by ALU/Home Care programs including such areas as assessment, care planning, admission and discharge planning, infection control, safety, skin care, foot care, management of pharmaceuticals, dietary programs, medical records, physical environment, staff development, and promoting independence with activities of daily living, etc.; coordinates transfer of residents in and out of the ALU and Home Care program; sponsors wellness clinics for independent residents. Promotes a high level of communication to achieve smooth team services. Assures smooth transitions in and out of unit.

STAFF:  Ensures that appropriate staff are hired to provide and support nursing services in the ALU/Home Care programs; ensures that staff maintain current licenses with the State of Washington to practice their respective professions; assures that work schedules are established so that high quality services can be provided at all times; supervises staff through such means as organizing and assigning work responsibilities, positive recognition, training, conducting performance appraisals, counseling, and discipline; ensures that position descriptions are kept current and  that staff development efforts are designed and implemented in such a way as to promote an exceptionally high standard of care for residents.

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT:  Assists the CEO and DNS in the preparation and implementation of the ALU/Home Care annual budgets; monitors budget performance regularly; processes invoices and other financial forms and information according to BAYVIEW policies and procedures; operates within adopted annual budget guidelines. Orders nursing supplies and non-capitalized nursing equipment in accordance with BAYVIEW policies, procedures and budget guidelines. Assures timely, accurate billing and collections across the services. Processes accounts payable. Develops and adheres to approved budgets. Ensures appropriate licenses are maintained.

COMMUNICATION:  develops, implements and maintains an effective communication system with residents of BAYVIEW Tower, family members and other legally designated resident representatives, physicians and other health care providers, government officials, other health care provider organizations, payers, vendors, volunteers, staff and management; fosters an interdisciplinary team approach to maintaining and enhancing systems and services.

DIRECTOR OF NURSING SERVICES:  consults with and responds to the DNS and MSW as needed on matters of policy, procedure, regulatory compliance, program changes, and standards of practice, physician services, and care needs of individual residents.

CONTRACTS:  Assists the Chief Executive Officer and the Director of Nursing Services as requested in evaluating proposed contracts relating to health services and or major health service product purchases for the purpose of assuring optimal quality and financial advantage for BAYVIEW; participates in the on-going evaluation of existing contracts; helps to assure BAYVIEW compliance with terms of contracts; and offers the Chief Executive Officer recommendations relating to continuation, alteration, or termination of contracts.

COMMITTEES:  May be asked to serve on or send a representative to a variety of committees or task forces to contribute ALU/Home Care nursing management perspective to issues which affect BAYVIEW; participates in Quality Assurance Committee functions as requested.

PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS:  Serves as a representative of BAYVIEW to the Washington Association of Housing and Services for the Aging; may participate in other professional associations for the purpose of enhancing the quality and efficiency of health services at BAYVIEW.

BAYVIEW COMMUNITY:  Contributes through words and actions to the development of a cohesive, ethical, congenial and multicultural workforce; supports BAYVIEW’s commitment to providing high quality services in an enriching, cost-effective, spiritual, and caring and dignified social environment.

OTHER:  Complies with applicable laws and regulations including the state criminal background check; attends mandatory meetings and inservice training programs; adheres to BAYVIEW policies and procedures; respects the confidentiality of information relating to residents, children, families, staff, and sensitive business information; cooperates with annual tuberculosis testing and/or symptom screening; responds appropriately to emergency situations using knowledge and skills to protect the well-being of one’s self and others; performs other duties as assigned.


Knowledge and Skill
Two to three years of supervisory and management experience in Assisted Living/Memory Care and or experience with activity program design and evaluation.
Demonstration of progressive approaches to supporting and enhancing the quality of life for seniors with cognitive impairment.
Must demonstrate knowledge of geriatric population and the aging process; including the physical, psychological and social needs of the elderly.
Current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid Certification.
Mental Health and Dementia education certifications or willingness to obtain certifications within 120 days.
Excellent skills in written and oral English for communication with residents and staff.
Timely, clear, and accurate communication with residents and staff.
Familiarity with laws, rules and regulations related to Assisted Living and Home Care.
Demonstrated ability to organize staff and other resources to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously.
Demonstrated ability to maintain good working relationships with nurses, department heads and subordinates.
Effective planning, organizational and problem-solving skills.
Basic computer skills.
Demonstrated skill and experience in all of the categories mentioned above under Duties and Responsibilities.
Supervision Received and Exercised
Supervises thirteen or more licensed staff and nursing assistants.
Requires only broad direction from the DNS.
Works under the direction of Board policies, directives, and State of Washington Boarding Home regulations.
Judgment and Mental Demands
Acts as liaison between residents, nursing, family, guardian, physician, nurse practitioner, institutions/agencies/businesses and BAYVIEW administration.
Completes performance evaluations in a timely and objective manner.
Notifies Support Services Department to search for new job applicants.
Screens and interviews new applicants and assists in background checks.
Keeps staff informed of BAYVIEW issues, policies and procedures.
Writes memos, letters and input to policies and procedures.
Plans and hosts staff meetings relating to Boarding Home policies and procedures.
Personal Contacts
Nearly constant internal contact with residents, management and staff.
Occasional contact with third party administrators for risk management and benefits programs.
Physical Demands and Work Environment
Desk-work and meetings (frequent sitting).
Movement between one location and another to facilitate in-person communication.
Frequently lifts and moves objects weighing less than five pounds (which are used in activities).
Frequently moves objects weighing up to 10 pounds.
If involved in assisting a resident, occasionally lifts, pulls or pushes approximately 50 lbs.
Occasionally stoops, bends, stands, walks, and reaches over the head.
Likely exposure to communicable diseases for which hand washing is the most typical precaution.
Stress levels vary from low to high dependent upon the number and urgency of requests, needs and concerns being addressed at any given time.

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