PBJ Data Submission – 5 Star Rating

PBJ Data Submission – 5 Star Rating

With the new staffing measures being added to the Staffing Domain of the 5 star rating, please ensure that all PBJ data is accurate and has been submitted. In order to ensure that all data is accurate and has been submitted, we recommend that you run your CASPER reports and double check the data that has been submitted. The following reports have been flagged as key to ensuring data is accurate:

  • Final validation report
  • Employee report
  • Individual daily staffing
  • Staffing summary report
  • MDS census report

Providers have until 45 days from the end of the quarter to submit and/or correct their data. This means that for the 5 star rating refresh coming in October, providers have until August 14th to submit or make corrections to their PBJ data. After this date, CMS does not allow for any submissions or corrections to the previous quarters data. Please don’t wait until the last day to verify your PBJ data. CMS has been very strict on this and does not allow for late submissions or corrections.




David Carter
Director Health Care Finance & Policy

c: 360.888.5702

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August 10, 2022