CARES Provider Relief Fund Update

CARES Provider Relief Fund Update

The CARES Provider Relief Fund has distributed two sources (targeting funds based on Medicare FFS and higher Medicaid to Medicare census) of funding to many providers with more funds on the way.  With all the different parts of this relief fund, LeadingAge National has put together this resource that contains summaries of these different funding sources.  Also, on page 3 you will find some analysis provided, in partnership with Clifton Larson Allen (CLA), regarding the CARES Provider Relief Fund Payment Terms and Conditions.  While LeadingAge is still urging members to read and carefully consider the terms and conditions and CLA questions, it is likely appropriate to accept the funds and sign the attestation.  Please also be aware that you have 30 days from the day you receive the funds to sign the attestation. 

The key requirements of the terms and conditions you should pay attention to are:

  • Must use funds for COVID-19 related health care expenses and lost revenues;
  • Must provide care to those with possible or actual cases of COVID-19;
  • Cannot “balance billing” any patient for COVID-related treatment;
  • Must report quarterly to HHS and the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee;
  • Not submit reimbursement for expenses covered by another funding source;
  • Retain appropriate records and cost documentation.

We have also received more information on the second tranche of funding from this relief fund.  HHS has announced that, starting today, they will be sending funds to providers that had lower Medicare FFS claims.  They are looking at net patient revenue reported on your 2018 Medicare Cost Report.  If you did not have enough data on your 2018 cost report for them to make a determination, they are requiring you to submit data through a web portal.  Unfortunately this portal has not opened yet.  This second tranche of funding is being used to augment the funding you previously received that was based on your Medicare FFS payments.  You will need to complete the attestation for each tranche of funding you accept.

HHS has also set aside an unannounced amount of money that will be used for providers that are exclusively Medicaid.  We interpret that to mean, non-Medicare billers that provide Medicaid covered benefits to clients, which may include other revenue sources such as private pay.  We expect that our HCBS providers will see money from this fund.  LeadingAge National has requested more information about these funds and we will keep you apprised as we learn more. 




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