ALTSA: ALF #2022-035 Care Service Summary

ALTSA: ALF #2022-035 Care Service Summary

The Department has issued a Dear Provider Letter with updates to wording in the Care Service Summary.

The following language will print to a resident’s plan of care just above the “Provider Signature” line when the resident is a Medicaid client assessed by Aging and Long-Term Support Administration and their assessment identifies they intend to reside in an AFH, ALF, or ESF.

An individual accepted by a contracted long-term care provider may pose risks to themselves, other residents, caregivers, or others outside the facility/home. This assessment contains information, including details about physical health, mental health, and safety needs, that are relevant to your evaluation of whether you can safely and adequately care for the individual. The CARE assessment is not a service setting recommendation by DSHS

Please read full letter here.




Laura Hofmann, MSN, RN
Director of Clinical and Nursing Facility Regulatory Services

c: 360-691-9281

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September 21, 2022