2022 Scorecard on State Health System Performance During COVID

2022 Scorecard on State Health System Performance During COVID

The Commonwealth Fund released its 2022 Scorecard on State Health Systems Performance. This year the report featured a new dimension that focused on how well states responded to and managed the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Washington came in 4th in the nation on our response to COVID and 4th overall for our health systems performance. The study found that States that entered the COVID-19 pandemic with stronger health systems had lower rates of preventable deaths and healthier populations. 

The COVID-19 domain was based on 7 indicators, including state progress in vaccinating residents, COVID-related hospitalization rates and health system stress, and COVID-related mortality. Deaths from COVID-19 in nursing homes was also one of the indicators, Washington ranking 10th in the nation, but the study noted data for this did not become consistently available, across all states, until May-August 2020. Meaning the earliest months of the pandemic may not be fully reflected in the assessment. Washington state experienced the first nursing home outbreaks nationwide, but it’s unclear how data collection impacted our ranking. 

Washington was ranked 7th for Hospital admissions. It’s important to note that long term care played a vital role in reducing hospital admission and reducing capacity.  

You can find the full Scorecard here, and the Washington State highlights here. 




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