Return to Work Packets

Do you have a Return-to-Work packet ready in the event of an employee injury? Be prepared to send the packet with your employee when directed to seek medical attention. Having the provider complete the packet up front will allow you to move seamlessly toward a light duty job offer and your employee’s return to work.

A Return-to-Work Packet can include:

  • Transitional Work Options. The is a single page list of multiple light duty work options the provider can select from. The options can involve sedentary, medium, or heavier duty jobs based on the restrictions the provider indicates.
  • Return-to-Work Questionnaire. This should include the employees last visit date, the date of the next follow up visit, and anticipated date of release to full or light duty.
  • Light Duty Job Analysis. This will give the provider specific physical demands when the worker may have had a much more impactful injury. It will allow the provider to modify the light duty as necessary and allow the employer to create a light duty position specific to that injured employee.

Having the documents ready for each employee in need of treatment, will allow you the opportunity to get your employee back to work without delay. Getting the documents up front at the first appointment will also solidify Risk Finances ability to request your Stay at Work reimbursement.

For further information about Return-to-Work packets, contact Monica at Risk Finance. She will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.


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