The Activity Prescription Form – One of the Best Ideas L&I Has Had to Streamline Workers’ Compensation Claims

The Activity Prescription Form or “APF” as it is called, maps out and drives the actions needed for every stakeholder in the claims process. It’s a key document that motivates each party from medical visit to medical visit, to do their part in the claim. The APF is a standardized form that when understood and used correctly, communicates, expedites, and mitigates claim details that drive treatment, benefits and claim costs.

On one page, the APF provides the LeadingAge Washington Employer:

$ –   Verification of diagnosis related to the industrial injury.

$ –   Specific work restriction accommodations needed to bring the worker back to work safely.

$ –   Certification the worker is eligible for wage replacement by employer (Kept on Salary) or L&I (Time Loss).  *Each KOS check should be exchanged hand over hand, for a current APF that certifies eligibility for KOS benefits.

$ –   When updates are required after each follow up medical visit, evidence treatment is frequent and curative in nature.

$ –   When intervention by your Risk Finance/ CRM representative is needed.

$ –   When the claim is ready to close.

We encourage all LeadingAge Washington members to train their claim staff to provide injured workers a blank Activity Prescription Form to take with them to the doctor on the first medical visit following their injury, and to train and hold injured workers accountable to continue to supply updates after each follow up visit.

Your Risk Finance/CRM representative is always available to help talk through, follow up on and help interpret APF information. Please do not hesitate to call for any assistance you require and that includes to request a copy of the most current version of an APF to keep at the ready, to offer your next injured worker.

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