Updating Hazardous Communication Training in the Era of Coronavirus

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, your site may have added some new cleaning or sterilizing products.  It is important to be sure that any such products you have added, have Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and they are available to your employees.  Any time a cleaning or sterilizing product is added, and is considered a hazardous substance, you also need to provide training about these products, to employees using these products.

In addition, be sure all employees know what chemicals they are using.  As you tour your facility, ask an employee where SDS sheets are located.  They should know what an SDS is and where the nearest SDS information is located (whether in a notebook, or on your intranet). 

Each employee should also know who your point person is at your site that is responsible for establishing and monitoring your site’s SDS program.  This person should make sure procedures are developed to obtain the necessary SDS.  They should review incoming SDS for new or significant health and safety information.  This person should ensure any new information is passed on to affected employees. Any training given to your employees on these new products, should also be documented and contained in their employee file. 

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By Cathy Reineke, Comprehensive Risk Management, Inc.