Gardiant Intro Notice

On November 20, 2019, we announced the exciting change to our Group Retro Program with the merger of Comprehensive Risk Management and Risk Finance.  With this change comes a new, robust data management system that makes claims information much more accessible to members, and a new administrative process that will reduce paperwork demands.

We are excited to announce that effective February 1, 2020, the new data management system, Gardiant, is available to LeadingAge members.  You will be receiving an email from Wendy Scott, Office Manager at Risk Finance, with information on how to sign up and log in to Gardiant.  This system will allow you to access all your claims and claim related documents in one place.  You will also have access to information on what your claims consultant is doing on your behalf and you’ll the ability to run Loss Run reports on demand.

With Gardiant, claim reporting will no longer be necessary through the online claim filing on the CRM website (Wufoo).  All claim reporting will now be done via email on a simplified incident report that will be sent out by Wendy Scott shortly.  If additional information is needed, your claims consultant will reach out by telephone or email.  Claims correspondence will also no longer be sent via the Sharefile system as all documents are available daily in Gardiant.  Your claims consultant will reach out with any updates and information necessary to assist you with the management of your claims.  Transitional return to work processes will not be changed.

Once you receive the email on how to log into Gardiant, if you have any questions, concerns, or would like a personal walk through of the new system, please reach out to Risk Finance’s VP of Claims, Scott DeHem, at or 360-438-0880 x102.  Scott is available to help ensure the transition happens as smoothly as possible.