Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Deserves Your Attention!

Each year statistics show that regardless of job title or job responsibilities, slips, trips, and falls result in on the job injuries. In just the last 3 years over $500,000.00 has been spent in worker comp claims for slips, trips and falls in the LeadingAge Washington group retro program. During this time of year inclement weather results in an increase in slip and falls in parking lots (which are usually excluded under workers’ comp) and walkways. However, the most significant injuries occurred inside the facilities.

There are three physical factors involved in slips, trips, and falls: friction, momentum, and gravity.

SLIPS– Slips are the result of wet surfaces, due to rain, snow, ice, food/drink spills or inappropriate footwear.

Footwear: Are your employees wearing appropriate non-slip footwear? If not, you may want to review your policy on uniform requirements to include non-slip footwear and institute a Shoes-For-Crews program.

Due to COVID-19 19 protocol most employers now have limited entrance into the facility to one or two locations and have instituted COVID-19 19 Monitor positions.   As an employer, you may want to include the task of the COVID-19 19 Monitor position to check the entrance(s) for wet surfaces.  Provide appropriate equipment such as a dry Swiffer mop to wipe up wet surfaces due to snow, ice, or rain, particularly during shift changes and lunch hours.

The entrances into your facility should have an industrial commercial heavy weight mat or rug designed for high traffic and absorption of moisture. 

TRIPS– Trips occur whenever your foot hits an object, and you are moving with enough momentum to be thrown off balance. Trips are usually the result of inattention when an employee is in a hurry or due to inappropriate floor mats/ rugs or footwear. The stairs are treacherous…REMIND  staff to use the handrails when going up and down stairs and to not carry objects that prevent the staff member from using the handrails.

FALLS– Falls occur whenever you move too far off your center of balance.  Falls account for more workplace fatalities than any other injury. All employees should be trained in the appropriate use of stepladders or ladders whether it is in your housekeeping or maintenance/groundskeeper departments. Confirm that stepladders are available to staff in all departments to avoid standing on inappropriate structures, such as bathtub edges, furniture, or chairs.

Parking lots and walkways: Is your maintenance crew ready for de-icing parking lots and walkways during shift changes during inclement weather? If not, now is the time to schedule and confirm that the maintenance/groundkeepers departments have enough sand/deicer and snow blower equipment in good working order for the next few months.


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