Executive Leadership and Safety

This year, in spite of the current pandemic, we have been emphasizing Leadership Led Safety.  One of the advantages of the LeadingAge Retro is that you can obtain refunds if your site beats the “average” expected worker’s compensation claims for members.  While anomalies may occur in certain years, good executive safety leadership can really make a difference in reducing claims.  What does this look like?

  • An Executive never delegates safety. They actively participate in developing a safety culture.  This can be attending Safety Committee meetings and setting the tone about how important safety is at your site.
  • An Executive models safety. If you walk your building and see a trip hazard, (water on the kitchen floor, a box in the hallway that someone can fall over, paper dropped on a tile floor), pick it up yourself while calling attention to those around you about the importance of correcting these types of hazards.
  • Find employees doing their job in a safe manner and commend them on their efforts. This is especially effective if a small prize comes with it.  For instance, a Starbucks card carried in your pocket becomes a quick “way to go” recognition.  We always recommend “Wow, that was great. You moved that box which was quite a trip hazard.  You get my safety prize for the day.” 
  • What Executives pay attention to at their site is what employees pay attention to because it is important to you. You follow through on what your Board of Directors or Corporate Executives say is important.  Your employees look to you and pay attention to see what you think is important.  Model safety behaviors, and employees will follow. 
  • Include Safety recognition in your regular recognition programs you already have at your site. It is not a separate program that stands alone.  Examples abound about how important safety is to the reputation and operation of an entity.  Lack of safety (or even a perceived lack of safety) can damage a reputation of an organization like wildfire.  If safety is imbedded within your overall recognition program, it can go a long way to creating and strengthening your safety culture. 

What you do has far greater impact than what you say.

                                                                           -Stephen Covey

Questions? Contact Cathy Reineke at cathy.reineke@compriskmgt.com